Chalk art

Examples of price for different types of chalk art*

*All prices are excl. VAT. They may differ depending on size and complexity.

How much does it cost: Understanding of the process

Price for chalkart starts from 500 sek and is calculated individually depending on size, complexity and density of the artwork.

Chalkart can be performed by regular chalk, soft pastels or waterbased chalk markers (resistent to rain). For outdoors work (kiosk, aboard, festival) as well as windows we usually use waterproof markers or permanent paint. Windows are painted from the inside in mirror reflection, which takes longer time thus costs more.

Chalk menu requires a lot of measurements and the layout we create is often used later by the client to make small changes (add/ remove positions, edit price etc), so price is higher and exexution time is increased. For big surfaces with a lot of text we use digital layout, for the small chalkboards with lettering/ illustration - paper sketch. All the text content (correct name, prices, grammar etc.) as well as references for certain illustration (especially food ones) are in the client’s responsi- bility.

The service (except the poster) doesn’t include any surface fixing (plywood sanding, window cleaning, applying chalk paint, erasing previous artwork etc) al- though can be done for additional cost.