Examples of price for different types of illustration*

*All prices are excl. VAT. They may differ depending on size and complexity.

How much does it cost: Understanding of the process

Prices for illustration start from 700 sek and is calculated individually depending on size, complexity and number of concepts.

Illustration can be physical, digital or mixed, depending on which technique is chosen. Another important aspect is the purpose. Is the illustration going to be printed or used as a web content? What is the brand/product audience?

The next step is always a research. Sometimes the process of defining the best solution takes more time than the drawing itself. Using the research data, competitors and our own expertise we generate moodboards and first concepts. After the approval of the reference we sketch and show a few different ideas to choose between. We finalize and deliver the chosen one, adapting it for print/web usage.

In some cases this step can be skipped: for example, the client wants to get a portrait from a certain picture in certain style and provides all the references. Thus only the size and the complexity affects the price/delivery time.

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