In Olesia Volkova Studio we collaborate with different teachers to make our courses diverse and balanced! )

Workshops and courses for children
Our cosy creative studio can fit up to 6 children, sometimes we have family activities - like creative cooking classes, Christmas events or cultural festivals. Starting from May we are moving our art activities outdoors! There will be art picnics for children 6-10 years old where they can lean how to paint flowers, architecture, landscapes. More details and actual dates/prices are on "Children" page

Workshops and courses for adults
There are intensive watercolour classes for beginners who want to study some basic foundations at the studio Lilla Essingen and outdoors starting from May. On weekends we organise creative cooking workshops with Grisel - our ambassador of Mexican culture in Stockholm. Read about the dates and prices for adult workshops Due to the state restrictions we offer limited amount of spots so make sure to book yours in advance. Our classes are available in Swedish, English, Russian and Spanish - depending on group.
Booking system is currently under update so please book your class via related Facebook event or email us. We apologise for the temporary inconvenience :)