Web Design

Examples of price for different types of web design*

Website Development

10-14 working days

15 000 SEK

Extended website + Shop
10-20 working days

20 000 SEK

*All prices are excl. VAT. They may differ depending on size and complexity.
Prices for web design start from 200 sek and is calculated individually depend- ing on the amount of elements, complexity and number of concepts.

We always recommend the client to think about the entire project since it’s easier to design the whole set of graphic elements such as icons, banners etc in- stead of doing 1 thing at a time. It saves 50% of time thus costs less.

The research is an essential step of each project. Sometimes the process of defining the best solution takes more time than the executing itself. The client plays a big role in this process by providing all necessary information and content (texts, images etc). We design web pages using excisting data, adjusting images if necessary. The authenticity of the information and the content is the client’s responsibility only.

Besides web design we offer web development service. We create websites using Wordpress platform and additional plug-ins. We design all layouts basing on the client’s needs and the relevant UI strategies. Check our latest works here.

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